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Food Pantry

For the month of December the Food Pantry needs have been met. They thank you for all donations and they are well stocked with supplies. 

Blue Bucket

For the month of December the blue bucket funds will go to the Senior Center. 

One Big Family

Winner United Methodist Church has been in the community of Winner, South Dakota, for over 100 years.  It is a church with a long history and tradition. The slogan “Open doors, open hearts, open minds” is one embodied by the United Methodist Church as a worldwide denomination. It is in this spirit that Winner United Methodist Church embraces our role in continuing to take every opportunity to share Jesus’ love with all! It is one thing to welcome folks into our church on a Sunday morning to join us for worship, but it is another to go that step further to serve those who are technically not a member or even ‘a part of us’. 


If you are still curious about us, let me share a story...  An elderly woman recently passed away and the family asked if it would be okay to have the ceremony at our church.  She had lived with her son out in the country for many years and they were admittedly ‘not church people’.  We met and planned the service with her three children and our church held the funeral.  The next week the eldest son came to church.  He sat in the back row.  He continued to come for the next few weeks.  After about a month, one Sunday he asked for a minute of my time.  He asked if he could be baptized.  This man in his seventies, who never came to church much, has found faith in God through his mother’s funeral.  This is why we are a church with open doors, open hearts, and open minds. If you would like to be a part of this kind of a church, we hope you will join us on Sunday to worship and praise God!




8:30 AM - Contemporary Service

10:30 AM -

Traditional Service 

All worship services at our church will include times of prayer, reading from the Bible, and a message that applies the scripture to our lives.


During the school year we offer two worship services. 

The primary difference is the music. 


Join us on Youtube for our live worship stream. You can enjoy the community of our church within the comforts of your home. 

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John Price 

cell (605) 630-8409

email: jpllbass@gmail.com

John graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1985.  John’s hobbies include hunting, gardening, fishing, paint ball, hiking/camping, and watching SciFi movies.

John and his wife Loraine have been married for 42 years. In 2019, John retired but God called him back in 2020 to be our pastor at the Winner United Methodist church. 




John Price 
Royal Archer

cell (605) 830-0538

email: royalone@gwtc.net

Royal graduated from North American Baptist  Seminary in Sioux Falls.  His hobbies include travel, hunting, fishing, camping and reading books on American history, including biographies. One of his favorite activities is to select a site such as Fort Scott in Fort Scott, Kansas -read books about the history and then visit the site. 

Royal was married to Shari for 43 years until her death in 2017. Royal retired in June 2020 from the Gregory UMC. He continues to live in Gregory. He is currently serving the Winner United Methodist church in a backup role. In addition, he is also assisting the Lyman County Parish Ministry Team and driving the Gregory ambulance on hospital transfers.