Weather and Closure Policy

Winner UMC – Weather Policy and Church Closures    (Revised May 21, 2017)

In case of inclement weather or other emergency situations, Winner United Methodist Church encourages individuals and families to rely on their own best judgment when conditions such as inclement weather, dangerous road conditions, or other emergency situations might put their health and safety at risk by attending church services or church-related events.

During the week, events for Children and Youth will be cancelled whenever the Winner Public Schools are closed.  Should the travel conditions improve by evening, adults classes, events, and meetings will occur at the discretion of the leader of those classes, events, or meetings.

In cases of inclement weather when school is not canceled, classes, meetings, or other events, with the exception of Sunday morning worship services and Christian education classes, will be cancelled at the discretion of the leader in charge of the event. The leader, with assistance from the office staff, will attempt to notify participants, through the use of a staff and leadership phone tree and other communication tools.

Sunday Worship Services and Christian Education Classes will be cancelled at the determination of the Pastor in consultation with local authorities and the President of Leadership Team. The decision will be made by 6:30 a.m. that morning and communicated to the congregation as quickly as possible through a variety of communication channels.


Please consult any of the following after 6:30 a.m.:

  • The church web site,
  • Local radio station: KWYR-FM (93) or KWYR-AM (1260).
  • The church Facebook page, WinnerUnitedMethodistChurch.