Current Sermon Series

“Intervention” – Summer 2019 Series 1 (June 16 through July 7)

SUNDAY Series Overview:

Overarching theme: We serve a God who sees, cares, and – at times – intervenes in human affairs.

In our contemporary age some people are uncomfortable with the notion of a God who intervenes from time to time in the earthly affairs of humankind.  Yet the Scriptures are filled with such stories of God doing exactly that – intervening in human affairs to make right those things that are wanting and to bring to completeness those things that help us to be the kind of people God is calling us to be.  In this short series, we explore times in the Old and New Testament when God intervened to correct injustice, to spiritually free a demon-possessed man, to instruct the disciples, and to bring healing to a proud and powerful man.  So let the record be clear, the Scriptures often portray God as a God who intervenes.