Current Sermon Series

“Seeing 20/20 in 2020” – Jan.-Feb. Sermon Series

SUNDAY Series Overview:

Series Theme: The living and eternal God has, does, and will do as he guides people of faith yesterday, today, and into the future.

Series Summary: The Hebrew scriptures established and guided the “chosen people” of God for thousands of years.  We begin in the Old Testament, reviewing where our faith story begins as we look at God’s promises.  As we continue on, we begin to understand God’s faithfulness is what guides the way.  Then, linking the Old and New Testaments we will see how the new light of the world develops God’s promises into the Christian world.  Celebrating communion, we will review what God requires of us as well as remembering what God’s unfolding love will do for all who believe.  Hearing Isaiah’s call to be a light to the world and Paul’s proclamation of Christ crucified, we are reminded of our call to be light and salt to all the earth.  We close the series pairing God’s promise to circumcise our hearts so that we will love God completely with Jesus’ refined application of many of the Old Testament laws and guidelines, helping us to understand the heart of God behind each.