Current Sermon Series

“God’s Creative Connection” – Summer Sermon Series 1

SUNDAY Series Overview:

Main Idea: The creative work of the Spirit on Pentecost began way back in Genesis.

Series Summary:

We begin with the creative agency of God’s Spirit at Pentecost, when God uses the power of language to create and connect a new people.  Even as God is doing a new thing, we know this same creative Spirit has been at work since the very beginning, from the creation of the world to the creative ways God works to connect with humanity.  Spending the next three weeks of Pentecost in Genesis we learn more about how God works creatively to redeem humanity, restoring the created  order to its original “very good” status and reconnecting what we have divided.  God’s vision of a world of persons connected to one another and to God will be realized, even if God has to use some very creative methods to do so.