Current Sermon Series

‘God at Work’  Series – May and June 2018

SUNDAY Series Overview: As we walk through 1st and 2nd Samuel, we will look at God’s radical grace at work in unexpected ways.  From Samuel’s call to David unlikely anointing and victory over Goliath to David’s rise to king, we will see how God is always at work in the lives of His people.  The series will challenge us to perceive God’s work among us – calling us, responding to us, seeing us, leading us, saving us, and uniting us.

MONDAY Series Overview: On Monday nights we will begin a faith journey that begins with moral relativity as it applies to life and our faith.  From there we will explore how faith sometimes challenges us – do we give in, how do we stay true to our faith, and how do we find freedom in Christ will be our topics in June.