Current Sermon Series

“God on the Move” – LENT 2019 (March 6 through April 21)

SUNDAY Series Overview:

The overarching theme of this series is exploring God’s work through the travels and teachings of Jesus.

Jesus did not stay in one place for long.  His earthly ministry was one of moving from one place to another and one encounter to the next.  He also moved through every part of the human experience – encountering everything from joy to temptation, from healing to suffering, from death to resurrection.  This series will help us reclaim the movement of Jesus’ ministry from temptation to condemnation, through His teachings and miracles and finally through the story of His death and resurrection.  As we encounter the life and ministry of Jesus, we cannot stay the same.  We ourselves are moved to grow deeper and to change as followers and imitators of the gospel.

The comforting truth of Lent is that as we delve deeper into our own self-examination, we find that we are not alone.  God is still on the move in our lives, walking with us every step as we travel the road to Easter.