Current Sermon Series

“Gifts of Love” – November 2018

SUNDAY Series Overview:

We enter Advent, an in-between time of the year.  Advent is about what was and about what is to be, about what really happened and about what is yet to occur.  There is an expectancy and an anticipation as we live the Christian journey as a resident of two worlds.  We live fully in the here and now with all of its joys and sorrows, with all of its victories and its setbacks.  In this world, we love, laugh, get tired, make mistakes, hurt, rejoice, and grieve the journey through this wonderful creation.  And we live with anticipation for the life to come, having entered this journey through the waters of baptism and through our belief, faith, and practices.  We are in between the coming of Christ and His coming again, living the “now” with hopeful expectancy that empowers us and sustains us.  Join us for this ‘in between’ journey in December!