Pastor’s Pen

Hello church!  As I write on this snowy March afternoon, we have entered a new and foreign land in the church world.  The packing of to-go lunches is the last little hurrah of activity at the church for the next couple of weeks.  In this month’s newsletter, I want to share a few of the stories that have made this project such a special happening at our church and in our community.

As I think about where to begin, I must begin with the many volunteers that have “made it happen”.  Each day we have had a crew of about four ladies in the kitchen making sandwiches. A couple of our regular “funeral ladies” headed up that bunch!  Then we had about eight people upstairs putting the bags together — a few the same every day and a few new faces each day too.  All in all we had about 20 different people involved in assembling the 950+ sacks.  What an amazing group of people!

Just as amazing has been the generosity.  Although I should not tell tales outside of school, I just have to let you know that on Monday Lillie was in tears as she counted up what the “Support Team” gave the Sunday of the week that the project started – it was well over $550.  A church family bought bakery buns for one day’s worth of sandwiches.  A family outside the church showed up one day with a bag full of granola bars.  One of the grocery stores donated four cases of fruit, a box of candy, and over 100 premade sandwiches.  A church member helped out as the grocery store partnered with Frito Lay to sell us five cases of chips at near cost.  A church member and a community member also donated a case of chips each.  Lastly, I was messaged by a woman who is older and lives in the country stating that she could not help make but that her checkbook was good, asking, “Where do I send the check”?

And to close, a God story.  On Tuesday I delivered three sacks to a family without a car.  Wednesday Pastor Jason from White River UMC called to let me know he was forwarding a 211 Help Line call from Mellette County because the woman lives in Winner.  (No 211 service in Winner.)  When I read his email, I recognized the phone number — it was the same family!  So I was able to add a few extras to her sacks on two of the following days.  She was amazed when I shared the story of how God works.

Be safe and healthy.  Remain present to one another as you can.  God bless!!

– Pastor John


Scripture to read and consider:

 Hosanna to the Son of David!  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!  Hosanna in the highest heaven”. — Matt. 21:9

Questions to ponder and to go deep with:

1) How is Jesus the Lord of your every day life?  In what ways would others see this?

2) Once you have been in someone else’s presence, do they feel like they have been blessed?

3) In what ways could your life better proclaim that Jesus is the Lord on earth and in the highest heavens?