Pastor’s Pen

June was a busy month!  It started with four days in Sioux Falls at Annual Conference and ended with a week in Racine on the mission trip followed by a week in western Montana with Kristin’s family.  Annual Conference was really good this year as we were encouraged in our mission to remain connected to the true vine, Jesus Christ.  For the mission trip we worked at several homeless shelters and care centers in the Racine area as well as working on several homes doing home improvement projects as well as some clean-up.  Montana is such a beautiful place to find God’s presence.  Part of our trip included Kristin’s Dad’s memorial service, a joyous celebration of a devout and wonderful man of God.

On Sundays, at the end of June, we began the new “No Longer Strangers” series.  This series focuses in on the letter to the Ephesians, which teaches the church how to be a community worthy of the gospel.  In this letter, Paul reminds the Ephesians that they are “now in Christ Jesus” and are no longer strangers to God.  He also reminds them, more importantly, that they are no longer alienated from each other.  Because of their new relationship with Christ, the Ephesian church is experiencing a radical transformation of their identity – both personally and as a community.  Join us as explore this image of the church as the family of God.

Monday evening worship began June 4 and I have enjoyed preaching in a more conversational format than is typical on a Sunday morning.  If you are out of town on Sunday or just want to join us for worship again, come on down to Fellowship Hall on Monday evenings!  I again ask you to continue to be in prayer for this service and to be invitational to those who might enjoy it.

Thank you much for your prayers around this new effort of our church!!  God bless!!  – Pastor John


Faith Focus: For the month of July, please take time to read, ponder, and pray through these words from Ephesians 3:18:

“I pray that you may have the power to comprehend, with all the saints, what is the breadth and length and height and depth… of God’s love”.

What does it mean to you to live within the “breadth, length, height, and depth” of God’s love?

As the family of God and personally as a follower of Jesus, how can we and you help other’s to live within God’s love?