Pastor’s Pen

Hello church!!  As we move through February, we will conclude our “Jesus – Man of Mystery” series.  During the season of Lent, which starts on February 14th, we will work our way through a series called “Covenant” that looks at the covenant relationship that we each have with God.  This sermon series will pair well with our Lenten small group study, “What Makes a Hero?”  In small groups, we will participate in a DVD-based study that looks at heroes such as Batman and Superman but ultimately finds that Jesus Christ is our real hero. We will offer small groups for adults, for men, and for women. Books are $11.50 if you want to order a book (the book is not required for participation in a small group). Small groups start the week of February 18.

Also during Lent, on Monday nights at 6:30 pm, I will offer a small group study called “The Daniel Plan”. We will study faith, food, fitness, focus, friendships, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. This DVD-based small group study is part diet plan, part faith growth, part healthy lifestyle. Come learn and get healthier in all phases of your life TOGETHER as we begin on February 19th!! This small group requires two books that cost a total of $22.  It is my hope and prayer that you will participate in one of our small group Lenten studies!!  Pick a study and get involved!

At the end of January we had our first “BRING a Friend to Church Sunday” and we also hosted another Fellowship Meal.  Both events are designed to introduce people to our church and to bring them closer to finding a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Thanks to the many who brought a friend to church or dinner or who helped with the Fellowship Dinner!  It is AWESOME when we are the hands and feet of Christ, loving those who Jesus loves.  May the Lord our God bless you and your family!!

– Pastor John


Faith Focus: For the month of February, please take time to read, ponder, and pray through these words from Genesis 17:7.

I will establish covenant between you and me, and your offspring after you throughout their generations, for an everlasting covenant”.

Is your relationship with God more like a wedding covenant or more like a business contract?

How are you ensuring that you, your children, and possibly your grandchildren are living in a covenant relationship with God?