Pastor’s Pen

The full Fall schedule is under way and it is wonderful!!  There are groups meeting in the church throughout the week and there is lots of activity!!  Most exciting to me is the addition of new groups that are meeting weekly or monthly.  Adding new opportunities to grow in our faith and to be involved in the life of the church are signs of an active, living, and vibrant body of Christ.  Way to go!!

Starting in the month of October, I will begin a new sermon series called “The Enemies of Gratitude”.  It is about those things that keep up from having the “attitude of gratitude” that God desires.  Those ‘things’ are nostalgia, worry, entitlement, greed, and disappointment.  Join us on Sunday mornings as we call out these things that keep us from being truly grateful to God!!

During the month of October we will also be conducting our annual generosity campaign.  I want to begin by thanking many of you who responded in amazing ways last year and by encouraging you each to consider what God is calling you to offer this upcoming year as well.  Along these lines, please note where you are on your commitment to the church for this year.  It is a wonderful blessing if we can honor the commitments we make, but we also understand that, at times, life throws us a curve.  Blessings in your decisions and considerations — both for 2017 as well as 2018 — may they be covered in prayer and holy discernment!!

As always, prayers and blessings to all!!  – Pastor John


Faith Focus:  For the month of October, please take time to read, ponder, and pray through Jesus’ words from Matthew 22: 21.

Then Jesus told them, “Give the Emperor what belongs to him and give God what belongs to God.”

Here Jesus is talking about money.  What else do people have a hard time giving?

How are all of our giving habits and ways we give indicative of our faith and trust in God?  Where can you grow?