Pastor’s Pen

January was a busy month here at the church!  In addition to all the normal weekly Sunday worship, small groups, Bible studies, MYF happenings, and community commitments, we also had six funerals plus our “Town Hall Meeting” to discuss the Way Forward and the Special General Conference happening on February 23-28, 2019, in St. Louis.  Oh yes — and the nursery renovation project!  To keep you up to date on that, we are awaiting the delivery and installation of the flooring and to put some finishing touches on the nursery (installing the heater and lights and blinds and television, adding some murals to the walls, and setting up all the toys… for our children to play with).

Our next big thing will be the “Breakthrough Prayer” Training event on February 23.   We have lined up a  team of people from the conference to come and train us to pray for spiritual breakthroughs in our church and in our ministries.  Participants will experience examples, ideas, and ways to incorporate prayer in their personal and congregational life including: what prayer is not, what prayer is, types of prayer, personal prayer style, prayer walking, prayer chains, and prayer at church during weekdays.   A leader said, “Breakthrough prayer is not just one person praying. It is engaging large swaths of the congregation, adding to the prayer life of the church. A comprehensive effort allowing God to breakthrough with new possibilities.” We’ll begin at 10 AM and will end at about 3 PM.  As an enticement, this event will include lunch.  If you are a prayer warrior or want to develop a better prayer life, please put this date on your calendar and plan on joining us.  If you have any questions, contact Pastor John.

As we move into February, we are half way through our “A Light to the World” sermon series.  During the month we will continue to look at our call to bring Jesus’ light to the world.  On our February Sundays we will explore our call to take the mission outside of the church walls, we will look at our call story (to fish for men and women) and how to begin to live it out, we will learn how we are filled when we empty ourselves in service to others, and we will look at Jesus example of sharing agape love with all the people we meet.  We will celebrate “Transfiguration Sunday” the first Sunday in March and, later that week, we will join together for Ash Wednesday worship on February 6.

Blessings to all!!  May the Lord guide and keep you and your family! – Pastor John

Faith Focus: Scripture to consider for February:

They had come to hear him and to be healed of their diseases; and those who were troubled with unclean spirits were cured”.  – Luke 6:18

Questions to ponder and go deep with:

1) How do you need Jesus to “heal” or “clean” you?

2) Who do you know that needs Jesus’ healing touch?

3) In what ways can you help connect this person to Jesus?