FUNERAL POLICY – Winner United Methodist Church

**Meal Policy**

**The Funeral Committees are willing to provide a time of fellowship and support by furnishing lunch after a funeral service.  Families are asked to reimburse the church for the cost of the meal.  A suggested donation of $3 a plate is requested.  The church also asks the family to consider giving a gift to the church as a gesture of appreciation.

Morning funeral: Sliced ham or ham salad sandwiches, coleslaw, chips, pickles, cake and drinks such as coffee, water, ice tea. or lemonade.  If the family desires to provide other salad(s), the funeral committee will serve them as well.

Afternoon funeral: Sliced ham or ham salad sandwiches, chips, pickles, cake and drinks such as coffee, water, ice tea, or lemonade.

For any funeral: If the family wishes to have a complete meal, they are welcome to hire a caterer to be paid for by the family.   The funeral committee can serve the dinner & provide cake, coffee, buns and pickles, as desired.  Also, if the family has a group or organization that wish to provide the lunch, a funeral committee would be available to help serve.


**Service Policy**

Please consider the following guidelines:

It is customary for service participants such as the musician, soloist, and pastor to receive a gift for their time and service.  The funeral home will provide the guidelines.

………………………………….Member:              Non-Member:

Use of Church:            N/C                        $250

Janitor Fee:                  $50                        $50

Prayer Service AV:       $25                        $25

Funeral Service AV:     $25                        $25


With our Audio Video Sound System, we are able to provide a slide show for viewing before, during, and/or after the service. Any slide show must be in PowerPoint format or MP4.  All media must be provided to the church at least 24 hours in advance for testing and previewing.

Funerals held in our church will be under the direction of our pastor. Outside clergy may be allowed to officiate or take part in the service at the discretion of the pastor.

Please note: Financial ability is not a barrier to the services of our church. These are intended simply as guidelines. We welcome all people to use the services of the Winner United Methodist Church.

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Last Revised: 3/19/2018