Discipleship Opportunities

Here is a listing of the discipleship opportunities available to you at Winner United Methodist Church!!  Check them out, come and try one out, and become a part of growing in your faith!!


Sunday: 9:45 AM — Sunday School — All Ages … Join us beginning Sunday, September 8, at 9:45 for discipleship and growth in a class tailored to your age group.  We offer Sunday School classes from pre-kindergarten through adult!

Monday: 2:00 PM – Grief Group – Join us at the Tripp County Library in the meeting room to study Beyond the Broken Heart.  This 8-week DVD-based class with study the grief process as we help one another along our journey.

Tuesday: 6:30 AM — Men’s Bible Study … Join with a group of men as we study the books or characters of the Bible.  Each morning we will share in breakfast, read scripture, and discuss the application for our lives.

Tuesday: 12:00 PM — Adult Bible Study … Join us starting September 11 as we gather together with adults from the church to read, study, and discuss the Word of God.  We will be studying Exodus to start this year!!

Wednesday: 1:00 PM — Book Club … Join us at 1:00 pm with a group of men and women as we read and discuss a variety of books.  You can join the club for one book or can be a regular attender.  You decide!  We will begin with Jesus Among Other Gods from Ravi Zacharia.  We will study this book for seven weeks, beginning September 11.

Wednesday: 8:00 PM — Young Adult’s Group … Join with a group of young adults who are growing in their faith, one day at a time.  It is a great time of fellowship, learning, and support.  We are currently reading through John and discussing how the content applies to our faith and our lives.

Thursday: 7:00 PM — Needle Night … Come be a part of a fun small group who all share a passion for knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch… and also invest some time to study God’s word!


2nd & 4th Wednesday — 5:30 PM — Young Moms’ Group … Running through May 8th, come on down to garner support, encouragement, ideas, and fellowship from a great group of young moms!!

3rd Wednesday — 12:00 PM — Love Circle … Join us on the third Wednesday of the month at the Senior Citizen’s Center to share in a meal and Christian fellowship.

3rd Wednesday — 6:30 PM — Friendship Club … Running through the month of May, meet with us on the third Wednesday evening with this caring and compassionate group that seeks to extend the love of Christ to others.

3rd Sunday – 6:00 PM – Supper Club – Join with more ‘seasoned’ folks from the church to fellowship, eat, and to share in a devotional and a faith discussion.  Come and be a part!!

4th Tuesday — 9:00 AM — Agape Circle … Join this group of women who take on projects for the church and the community too!  Serve Jesus and grow in your faith!!